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All facials include neck, shoulders and hand massage

Cshells’ Organic Supreme

This is the BEST 90 minute facial experience. Only the finest Hungarian, organic skin care products are used to bring about total rejuvenation and hydration. After 70 minutes of a blissful relaxing facial and 20 minutes of a tension releasing foot massage makes your day complete.

90  minutes  $149

Cshells’ Signature Organic

Certified essential botanicals, and potent antioxidants are used in this luxurious 60 minute facial. You will emerge relaxed, rejuvenated and ready for the world.

60  minutes  $99

Classic Beauty

Everyone needs an amazing 60 minute deep cleansing facial, that includes an exfoliation, steam and masque. You will leave with radiant, glowing and hydrated skin.

60  minutes  $89

Clean and Clear

If you have acne prone skin, this facial is for you. Our customized deep cleansing treatment uses salicylic acid to unclog pores and reduce redness. A calming masque is applied to sooth inflamed skin and then a non-comodogenic moisturizer is applied for perfect balanced hydration.

60 minutes $99

Back Facial

Living in warm temperatures allows you to show off your beautiful skin, so make sure it’s smooth and soft to the touch. Deep cleansing and exfoliation prepares your skin for any extractions. Your scalp or feet will be massaged while your masque prepares you for complete hydration and rejuvenated skin.

60 minutes $99

Facials are designed for all skin types.

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